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How facial recognition technology has effected our lives

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This wiki talks about the pros and cons of facial recognition technology in the modern age.

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☀One of the biggest things which hit the consumer market was the iPhone X. Without a doubt, it was one of the most talked about topics at the end of 2017. And with that hype, was the focus on the facial recognition camera which allowed you to unlock your phone just by looking at it. I thought it was cool at first and I had some serious thoughts about upgrading my old iPhone 5c, which is a lovely highlighter green. It’s going on four years old and I was looking at new(er) phone I might be able to buy. “With what money?” was a later question but there’s nothing wrong with window shopping.

Just out of curiosity, I began to look into the facial recognition technology integrated into the iPhone X, I was interested in what made that technology tick. And what I found made me appreciate my old highlighter green phone so much more. With the information that I found, facial recognition software is capable of finding so much more information about me that I am comfortable with. At a study at the University of Carnegie Mellon, they were able to take a facial picture of a student subject and found other photos of that student online. The study cranked it to a whole new level – they were able to find addresses, personal information and even social security numbers through the use of facial recognition technology.

I don’t know if others find it acceptable to have their information in the open like that but I would prefer not to have my phone giving away my personal info. I don’t know how well my tiny phone would be able to see my face with its cloudy front camera and you know…I’m okay with that.